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  • Mille Bojer

    Mille Bojer

    Mille is a highly experienced facilitator and team leader in the space of social transformation and systems change. Director of Reos Partners.

  • Sophia Parker

    Sophia Parker

    Founder and Chief Executive of Little Village. One of the Point People. CTI coach, mum of 3 and lifelong feminist. Dot-connector, question-asker, change maker.

  • Brunswick Voice

    Brunswick Voice

    Welcome to a new hyperlocal publication bringing you news and views and from the vibrant, diverse and eclectic inner-Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, Victoria.

  • Eugenio Battaglia

    Eugenio Battaglia

    Advisor, researcher, and facilitator focused on collaborative strategy making, evolutionary governance, complex systems, and ecosystem-platform thinking.

  • Nerys Anthony

    Nerys Anthony

    Steering national operations and making change @childrensociety Trustee @thewishcentre I School Governor I Community Volunteer and a Camerado

  • Meg Douglas Howie

    Meg Douglas Howie

    For people and the planet, design at @wearesnook 🥝 She / her

  • Dark Matter

    Dark Matter

    Designing 21st Century Dark Matter for a Decentralised, Distributed & Democratic tomorrow; part of @infostructure00

  • Samuel Yu

    Samuel Yu

    Designer, researcher and PhD student.

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